Profile Shot: Beautiful ladies!

These series of photos are taken on separate days but all of them have the same story, they’re all SURVIVORS! Felt really honoured to take their pictures as I know behind those beautiful smiles, hiding behind is a pst they don’t want to go back to. I didn’t really ask about “it”, I just made sure that they will be comfortable … Read More

My Take: Sony E-mount 20mm f2.8

Well here we go, my first take on a product that I actually never thought would find my self using! Welcome to mirror less photography Kym! As much as I wanted to do a review on the camera body, I’m pretty sure a lot has already been said about the Sony A6000, just ask our friend google and he’ll gladly … Read More

Shooting Fashion – Suits

Set of photos I took for a custom suit shop, from beach to garden wedding, then church and black tie wedding, they can help you tailor one that’ll perfectly suits you! Shooting specs, same simple lighting setup – two speedlight with one attached with beauty dish for that softer light effect. We did the shoot at the beautiful ESPA hotel … Read More

Shooting Beautiful House

This series of photos I took is from one of the beautiful houses that stands in Keppel Bay View, one of the condo where the view is just stunning! You’ll wake up with the amazing view of the marina right in front of you and just day dream on choosing which boat/yacht you want to use for your daily getaway. … Read More

Low cost profile shoot

Here’s to start the series of photographs that I took using cheap lighting equips and will try to show too how I set it up. This photo is took with a very simple set up, a white wall, two speedlight with beauty dish attached at the main and a shoot through umbrella to lighten up the background, see sample sketch: … Read More

Hello Bloggers!

Hello WordPress! Going back to my other blog site, I’m sharing this photo for a start as I feel like a newborn in this blog community same as our first child Lucas when he arrived last 17th of February 2014. We’re vey very excited and the whole day is filled with joy and unending happines. The same way I will treat … Read More