Profile Shot: Beautiful ladies!

These series of photos are taken on separate days but all of them have the same story, they’re all SURVIVORS! Felt really honoured to take their pictures as I know behind those beautiful smiles, hiding behind is a pst they don’t want to go back to. I didn’t really ask about “it”, I just made sure that they will be comfortable in front of my camera. It did take time to warm up a bit as I expected, but wth some chit chat and funny stories exchange, it does do the trick!

Kris Parkinson  “I was diagnosed while nine weeks pregnant.”

Katherine Roselle  “I discovered I had breast cancer while I was suffering from domestic abuse.”


Show D’Sa  “I was diagnosed with two types of cancer at the same time.”

Ali Kahiruddin  “I lost my mum to breast cancer, so I knew I had to be extra-vigilant.”


Quotes are taken from their interview for Expat Living magazine, to read their full stories click here!

Feel free to let me know what you think of the images. 😉



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