My Take: Sony E-mount 20mm f2.8

Well here we go, my first take on a product that I actually never thought would find my self using! Welcome to mirror less photography Kym! As much as I wanted to do a review on the camera body, I’m pretty sure a lot has already been said about the Sony A6000, just ask our friend google and he’ll gladly show you tons of list/reviews about how great this camera is! Or go to Sony‘s¬†website to check the specs properly listed for you. ūüėČ

Now that’s out of the way, I’ll go ahead and focus on what I want to share here(drum-rolls please!): The Sony¬†20mm f/2.8 E-mount Lens!¬†

Look at that beauty! Small/compact but a beast¬†fix¬†lens, a¬†35mm equivalent as for 1.5 crop sensor and¬†is a wide-angle/close up lens. With it’s 2.8 max aperture, it is good¬†enough for challenging light¬†like indoor/night time shoot and cold also be use for portrait/close up shot but you just have to be really close to your subject, might looks weird or uncomfortable if you’re shooting a person though!

Now I don’t want to go too much techie on this as I don’t want to bore you with so many specs as it’s not my thing, I’m more of a get the gear and shoot type so let’s go ahead and do it. The series of photos are sample taken using the A6000 body, a lot might say why this camera? Why not the latest version/model? I always say, I’m a photographer not a videographer so I won’t be needing the video upgrade they did with the A6300 and A6500, may be next time, but not today!

Alright, testing this lens in three category which are I think important if you’re planning to get this: The Auto-Focus, Image Quality and the Sharpness.



Fast like how they advertised it, that’s what I like about with this combo, you get a fast focus lens and a fast focus camera body and what d’you get? Everything! Well, almost, as I find it hard to lock focus if your subject is moving(like my kids running all over the place!) but if your shooting stills, then you’ll have no problem! See sample shot:



Image Quality

First off is the distortion,¬†given that it’s a wide angle lens, you’ll see that it’ll have some barrel distortion but can be easily fix using lightroom.

Then the bokeh, with it’s 2.8 aperture, it’s not that creamy or blurry background you’ll get but still decent enough to make your subject stand out! The colour rendition is also nice like a true tone and if you’re shooting like every day like on the streets then this lens is really handy! See sample:

Sharpness: It is sharp, but not¬†sharp¬†enough..(what do I mean?), Sharp enough if you’re not a pixel peeper as taking a shot hand held will sometimes give you shaky photo because it doesn’t have the image stabilisation like the ones in our Nikon or Canon lenses, for Sony they call it Optical SteadyShot(OSS). But, since it’s a small lens, just have a firm grip then you’re good to go. Best to shoot in a tripod and in a better lighting environment if given the chance. See sample shot:

Other sample images

All are taken straight from the camera, just converted some in black and white then that’s it:

My Take

It’s a beauty and a beast everyday lens! Saying that, once you use this one it might stay in your camera most of the time,¬†with its compact¬†size and amazing¬†colour rendition, you won’t go wrong with tis combo! Hence, not the sharpest lens, I can say¬†that this lens makes shooting fun, easy and almost like using a point-and-shoot with tons¬†of power. Highly recommended for those who travels lot and doesn’t want to carry big gears.

Let me know if you guys find this useful and feel free to comment on the pictures!




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