Shooting Beautiful House

This series of photos I took is from one of the beautiful houses that stands in Keppel Bay View, one of the condo where the view is just stunning! You’ll wake up with the amazing view of the marina right in front of you and just day dream on choosing which boat/yacht you want to use for your daily getaway.

Really had a good time shooting this beach front house as it’s not just the view that amazes me, it’s also the interior, nicely placed and the furnitures fits perfectly in each room. Now let’s talk about the shooting process, make sure(always!)that you have your tripod for this kind of shoot as that’ll really help you a lot like all the time. Having a tripod is a no brainer and I don’t have to elaborate it’s use, it’s a must! haha! Simple set up, make sure there’s no distortion once you tried to take the shot and no weird angle please. Just take what you think looks interesting and don’t waste time on taking a lot as it might just stress you our once you’re in the choosing what to use process.

Another tip is use your camera’s self timer or even an external remote shutter, this will help you make sure you get non blurry shot because sometimes when you’re on a long exposure mode then you press the shutter, it somehow shake it a bit so yes, remote shutter/ self timer helps in that point.

Hope that helps and feel free to let me know what you think of the images. đŸ˜‰



This photos are used for Expat Living magazine, to read the actual feature, visit



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