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Hello WordPress! Going back to my other blog site, I’m sharing this photo for a start as I feel like a newborn in this blog community same as our first child Lucas when he arrived last 17th of February 2014. We’re vey very excited and the whole day is filled with joy and unending happines. The same way I will treat my page every time I’ll post something for you guys to enjoy, criticise or whatever.

Fast forward to his 1st birthday – Celebrated it in the beautiful beach of Dubai city! My wife and I agreed that while we still can, we’ll make sure to celebrate his coming birthdays in a city/country that we’ve been or never been so that when he look back he’ll see and hopefully appreciate that we did it of him(and for us too of course!) and through that may be somehow make him proud of us..

Then on his 2nd birthday – We went home to the Philippines and set up a picnic in one of the sacred place in the country, Monasterio De Tarlac. the monastery is on top of Mount Resurrection as they call it, you’ll see a relic of the True Cross, 30-foot colossal statue of Jesus Christ overseeing the city. Celebrating with our family really made this trip worthwhile, we shared some laughs and stories that we really miss whenever we’re back here in Singapore.

He just turned 3! Unfortunately on the week of his birthday, he got sick and because of that we can’t go out of the country as planned, but that didn’t stop the fun at all! Celebrating with our friends who we treat as our family here in Singapore, we shared some delicious food and drinks that my lovely wife prepared and Lucas got a lot of gifts which is mostly Thomas the train who he really adore at this time.

Now for his 4th, we already have places to think about! But for now, we just want our boy to be healthy and hoping he won’t get sick or something like, forever? If that’s even possible! Thank you for taking time to read my intro and I’ll try my very best to make my post all worth your while. Feel free to drop any comments anytime and even email me personally if you have anything to say. Here’s for more post to come!







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